The process of industrial automation can vary in complexity, from straightforward applications to those with critical safety responsibilities. Regardless of the level of complexity, our services encompass all aspects of the automation stack, including the selection of appropriate technologies and hardware, development of architectural and design diagrams, software development, programming of machines (PLCs), creation of SCADA systems, and integration of industrial data with ERP or production systems. Our clients have relied on our services to provide comprehensive solutions throughout the automation process.


Over the years we have built trust with our clients through the delivery of reliable automation systems which are being used in critical applications. Applications where an hour of downtime can cost more than $100,000 in production loss.

In this type of applications it is important to have clear written requirements for the automation system. With existing systems however, it is not always available and we have gone through a number of risk assessments together with clients to create electrical, instrumentation and automation system requirements and documentation for projects.

Clients from different locations in NSW have trusted us with the entire process of designing and implementing automation systems. We have worked on risk assessments, design of electrical instrumentation systems and development of software for machines and IT infrastructure in a range of locations including the Sydney, Hunter and Newcastle regions.


When there is a specific request from a client, we innovate together. Through analysis of the problem at hand and the desired outcomes, we can offer the most optimal solution for the task or work together to find the best fit.

One of the common solutions is to utilise Industry 4.0 technologies. Using fast and lightweight IIoT protocols, modern open source frameworks and utilising our software development knowledge we provide cost effective solutions to satisfy these specific requirements.

* on the photo is a cost effective solution for remote monitoring of an industrial process

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