About Us

ControlX Engineering is a Newcastle-based automation and control company with focus on increasing reliability and efficiency at production sites, with over 10 years of experience in electrical and controls engineering in mining and manufacturing industries. We work with industrial businesses enabling them to improve reliability, optimise their operations and unlock the potentials via automation, using reliable and proven PLC programming methods, intuitive HMI with web interfaces and implementing Industry 4.0 technologies.


Our team with Electrical, Automation & Controls Engineering backgrounds comprises experience in a range of fields such as the manufacturing, energy industry, process control and mining. See us in action:

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To develop a complete automation solution, a diverse range of tools are required. We have experience and knowledge of most common PLCs, SCADA and software languages to achieve automation goals and satisfy the requirements.

In PLC programming we generally work with ControlLogix Allen Bradley PLCs, however we also have strong experience with the following PLCs:

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix programming with Studio 5000 / RSLogix5000

  • Siemens S7-1200 programming with TIA

  • Schneider Electric Modicon M340 and M580 programming with Unity Pro

also worked with IDEC, Omron and Mitsubishi PLCs.

SCADA is a computer system for gathering and analysing real-time data. We have a broad knowledge base of the following SCADA and HMI systems:

  • Citect SCADA, Allen Bradley PanelView HMIs

  • Ignition with Perspective from Inductive Automation

  • Node-RED, an open source framework developed by IBM allows creating quick and reliable HMI solutions for simple applications

Industry 4.0 requires to In order to transition to Industry 4.0 we utilise the following tools:

  • software development in NodeJS / Typescript and .NET / C#

  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) protocol MQTT with some use of HTTP REST, and AMQP

  • OPC UA for gathering PLC data

Development of solutions using these tools helps to achieve integration between local ERP systems, industrial IoT and robotics.

Our Clients

We love providing value to both small and big companies in a variety of industries.