Industrial Automation And System Integration

We Automate Machines and Plants

We design, develop and supply automation solutions for manufacturing and production sites. Our difference is that we use technologies used by Amazon Warehouses and Tesla manufacturing facilities to achieve scalable cost effective solutions.

Our services fall into three categories:

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We have a strong Controls Engineering and System Integration experience in mining and manufacturing. We cover a wide range of skills from setting up a simple sensor to an advanced integration of a machine data into a cloud infrastructure.

A few examples of project types below:


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Sara De Silva

Process Engineer (Hydrocarbons)

"Cleanaway engaged Alex at ControlX Engineering to develop few technical documents to improve process safety information for our refinery at Wetherill Park.

Alex and Thisara provided exceptional work and service to complete the set scope of work on time. The final documentation provided was of high calibre.

If you are looking for a professional that will be on time, communicate clearly, complete the work exactly as you desire and provide a level of service rarely found these days, I highly recommend ControlX Engineering for exceptional electrical engineering work."

Peter Conroy

Outbye Electrical Coordinator

"I have utilised ControlX Engineering on numerous occasions at Ulan Underground Coal Mine. The expert knowledge in many fields of Engineering has been an asset to our business in maintaining profitability. Introducing the VSD web monitoring system onto our network that enable us to effectively control and optimise all of our VSD drives on site. I have contacted ControlX on many occasions for breakdown assistance and through utilising their experience we have limited downtime to a minimum on our Conveyor System."

Simon H Crane

Managing Director

"The grasp of the engineering principles, design criteria and legislative requirements of automated manufacturing in industry is of the highest calibre.

Alex (from ControlX Engineering) works hard to keep abreast of all new manufacturing technologies that may impact with our production needs. To date, he has worked on projects as widely diversified. ControlX Engineering can take projects from concept to full production."

Göran Klingberg

Project Engineer - Renewable Energy

"Gelion approached ControlX Engineering to develop a battery test controller to be used for a custom development project. Alex was happy to provide the specified hardware and software solution according to our requirements, but he also suggested a more cost-effective and versatile open-source solution which would be easier for us to maintain and modify to meet future needs.

Alex and Thisara have an agile approach to system development, meeting milestone targets and being open and flexible to changing requirements. We continue working with ControlX with confidence in their expertise and collaborative approach to problem solving."


Machine Automation

Integrate Production Operations

Industrial Control Systems

How we work

Typically, our automation solution delivery process is based on the following seven steps:

1. Discuss the requirements

To start, we'll gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements. We'll work together with you - listening, asking questions, observing existing processes, and suggesting ideas - to understand your requirements and establish a feature set for the solution.

2. Project brief (proposal)

We will then create a project proposal document. It will describe how we will work together - either in a flexible or strictly planned approach - and outline the feature set, and show the estimated cost and time to develop the solution.

3. Engineering and design

After you let us know you want to proceed we will begin with the engineering of the solution. This is a collaborative process, and it may involve sending preliminary schematics, estimated Bill Of Materials, and/or software architecture, so that you can be sure what we deliver is what you wanted.

4. Development

The core development will either be based upon milestones (in Waterfall methodology), or sprints (in Agile methodology). This is where the design is turned into the deliverables. PLC programs, SCADA systems, software development, and schematics are produced during this stage. Communication with the client on this stage is essential to continue monitoring the development as per agreed specification. 

5. Testing

All software (including PLC and SCADA) development undergo mandatory testing stage. The testing includes the hardware or testing environment as close as possible to the real (production) condition. In some cases we will perform manual testing and process simulation to ensure the program performs as expected. Test reports are provided on the completion.

6. Commissioning

If this step is a part of the agreement we will make sure that the developed automation solution is integrated into the current production process smoothly. We will travel on site and assist with making the equipment working as initially scoped.

7. Support

We provide comprehensive support options for the services we provided, which includes priority troubleshooting and assistance with abnormal functionality. But even if you would prefer not to opt-in for ongoing support, all our PLC programs and HMI/SCADA screens come with a 12-month warranty to fix errors.

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