Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software program that is used to manage and control manufacturing operations in a factory. MES complements the ERP by adding flexibility and agility. The main purpose of an MES is to reduce paper and digitise operation processes, provide real-time visibility and control over the manufacturing process, from the receipt of raw materials to the completion of finished products.


More manufacturing businesses are implementing MES to achieve the following benefits

Improved efficiency

With MES the operations are paperless and completely digital. Being digital, MES can collect and analyse data from various sources in real-time to calculate OEE, allowing manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and other inefficiencies in their production processes and take corrective action. This can help to reduce waste and improve overall efficiency.

Improved productivity

With MES manufacturers optimise their production schedules by considering factors such as machine utilisation, material availability, and workforce capacity. The MES provides data analytics and reporting capabilities that can help manufacturers to identify trends and areas for improvement in their production processes.

Visibility and traceability

Track production activities in real-time, providing manufacturers with visibility into the progress of their production processes is one of the important functionalities of MES. It provides traceability by tracking the movement of materials and finished products through the production process and storing this information in a central database. This can help manufacturers to identify the source of issues and take corrective action.


We architect and implement the custom manufacturing execution system. Custom MES provides a tailored solution for the manufacturing process. We work closely with the manufacturer to gradually introduce the desired functionalities into the system, ensuring that the system is fully aligned with their needs and requirements.

Work Order Management

• Custom user interface to create and amend work orders

• Automatic work order tracking at the line/machine level

• Digital Work Instruction assignment and tracking

Production Run Scheduler

• Detailed planning of the production for period

• Display production run progress at the scheduler

• Rerouting production from one line to another

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

• KPI to compare effectiveness of the machines

• Calculation of Availability, Quality and Performance

• Line/machine downtime tracking


No disruption

Our process for implementing a manufacturing execution system (MES) involves running the new system in parallel with the existing operations. We prioritise the development of certain functionalities, which are then tested in a development environment by stakeholders. Once these functionalities meet the necessary requirements, they are gradually implemented to the facility in stages. 

No training

Due to customisation of the MES, the appearance and terminology stay unchanged and duplicate what is currently used in the operations. For example, a Work Order may be called a Manufacturing Order, and the appearance of the order on the operator's monitor may be designed to match the look of the paper predecessor. Same applies to other digitised documents, such as Work Instructions.

No vendor-locking

Our approach of designing and implementing MES does not involve the use of proprietary software or protocols. It is completely open architecture. That means there are no ongoing and future fees for using the system. In addition, the open architecture means that the system can be maintained by employees or any of your choice System Integrator or Software Development subcontractor. 


The custom-built systems we offer provide a level of flexibility that extends to pricing as well. The development process consists of functionalities, stages, and steps that are tailored to meet your specific needs. By working closely with you to understand and define the functional requirements, we are able to accurately estimate the development timeline and subsequently base pricing on a weekly engagement model. Also there is an option for a project based pricing.


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