OUR MES Services

We architect, develop and implement custom Manufacturing Execution Systems - a common digital infrastructure where ERP, work centres, production lines, machines and existing operations software can communicate to one another.

During the MES design we implement the best practises which helps to manufacturers to reduce cost on the following stages:

    • Implementation and scalability

    • Maintenance of the system

    • Future expansion of the system

Our architecture implements Unified Namespaces* (UNS) methodology. The UNS is based on open pub/sub technology MQTT. The UNS interacts with all layers of the automation stack, defined by ISA-95 standard. The costs are reduced by eliminating the need of development and maintenance of discrete connection between layers of the automation stack.

ERP, MES and machines interact with each other via the common infrastructure implemented by us, however the infrastructure stays open.

Our Services

Architect custom MES

  • Defining Minimum Technical Requirements for open architecture MES

  • Equipment and software platform selection as per MTR

  • Design a common infrastructure to connect all layers of the stack

Development of custom MES

  • Implement the defined infrastructure

  • Working together with operations and other parties to plan and review the progress

  • Manage and subcontractor resources (SMEs) to achieve the results on time

Training and handover

  • Working closely to teach how to maintain the implemented system

  • We document the development so your team of engineers expand without external support

  • Handover the source code and licences used for the MES development



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Email to alex@controlxengineering.com.au

* hero image is provided by aleksandarlittlewolf on Freepik