at EcoSurfaces

Eco Surfaces, a locally owned and operated business, specialises in providing safe and sustainable benchtop surfaces that are silica-free. Their mission is to create high-quality, environmentally friendly products for their clients. Eco Surfaces reached out to ControlX to help automate there whole production process. 


High Safety


Working with glass and chemicals poses safety risks. Ensuring worker safety is a top priority.

Deliver High

Quality Benchtops

Meeting client expectations to deliver a high quality but affordable benchtops.



Reducing manual labour to maximise safety as well as increase efficiency and reduce costs.



Imported second hand machines from overseas provided limited documentation. Updating these machines to Australian standards is necessary.


Automated Production Line

An automated production line was implemented to minimise human labour in the manufacturing process. 

All machines and their components were automated by advanced PLCs control system with implemented additional sensors. The system operated by an iPad wirelessly.

Centralised Control System

A centralised control system using advanced protocols was implemented to increase overall quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process by providing real-time monitoring and control of the entire production line. Using this data, adjustments and improvement can be implemented automatically or via HMI displays.

Updated Control Panels 

Machine assessment to create new electrical schematics and documentation for each machine.

Update original components to Australian standards.

Design and install new control panels with modern PLC’s and advanced computerised system. The system can be accessed remotely for troubleshooting and assistance.



Lower Workplace Injuries


Error Reduction


 Reduction in Labour Costs

Brand New 

Control Panels

Removing workers from hazardous tasks minimises the risk of workplace injuries. Having fewer people in the manufacturing process and having the process automated will result in a considerably lower chance of workspace injury.

Automated systems minimise defects, ensuring more consistent high-quality products. Constant machine updates allow machines to remain healthy and up to date with current data. It is estimated that this will eliminated up to 67% of human error.

By automating repetitive tasks, EcoSurfaces reduced reliance on manual labour and human capabilities, leading to cost savings. Machines that originally required 2-3 people to operate now only require one person to monitor the whole production process. Reducing labour costs by up to 75%.

By designing and manufacturing new control panels and well as updating electrical wires and pneumatic components. Each machine is now well documented as well as up to date with Australian standards.